A New Era for E-commerce Companies!

It seems rather Cliché to discuss how the pandemic has hit the market, it certainly has, however on a more positive side, we need to have an insightful look towards the new opportunities that lie ahead.

Undeniably there’s a rise in the E-commerce market, as people are directed towards online stores for safer means of shopping. If you run an E-commerce business or, looking for an entry in the online market, you must know the E-commerce trends. Certain products show an increase in demands from the overall population.

In this article, we will share with you some valuable insights for you to better plan your business in this New Era for E-commerce

Here’s a list on the E-commerce trends according to Verticals-

1) Health & Beauty

  • Cough & cold: 535%
  • Hand soap and sanitizer: 262%
  • Allergy medicine: 232%
  • Soap and body wash: 194%
  • Toilet paper: 190%
  • Health monitors: 182%
  • Digestion and nausea: 144%
  • Herbal supplements: 136%

2) Fashion

  • Men’s Formal Wear: -62%
  • Boy’s Athletic Shoes: -59%
  • Woman’s Suits & Dresses: -53%
  • Sunglasses & Eyewear: -43%

3) Electronics

  • Refrigerators: 160%
  • Power Generators: 210%
  • Batteries: 116%
  • Air Purifiers: 166%
  • Mobile Phones: -38%
  • Cameras: -64%

4) jewellery 5) Bags & Luggage

  • Luggage and suitcase: -77%
  • Briefcases: -77%
  • Gym bags: -57%
  • Backpacks: -56%
  • Camera cases and bags: -54%

6) Home Decor and Appliances

  • Toilet accessories: 160%
  • Office chairs: 104%
  • Office desks: 89%
  • Glass and Drink-ware: -35%
  • Home bar furniture: -34%
  • Dining sets: -31%
  • Home audio: -32%

7) Sports & Leisure

  • Men’s swimwear: -64%
  • Women’s swimwear: -59%
  • Men’s formal: -62%
  • Rashguards: -59%
  • Snorkeling: -56%
  • Baseball: -55%
  • Event and party supplies: -55%
  • Musical instruments: -34%
  • Swimming: -37%
  • Golf clubs: -33%
  • Camping: -39%

As a part of the Digital platform, we are all facing the new reality of marketing; innovation is required more than ever. Understanding the challenges and difficulties of our customers we came up with some additional benefits to make sure businesses prevail and flourish.

No Return Charges

In case a product is returned from the customer, the company will not have to face return charges of the delivery. It is a part of reverse logistics that Shipyaari provides to its customers so that the customer doesn’t need to manage the logistics and delivery issues. The product will then be sent back to the warehouse after assessment.

NDR Calling

NDR (Non-Delivery Report) is a receipt which reports you about which order could not be delivered along with the reason for their non-delivery. If your courier reports the non-delivery report as ‘Buyer not contactable’ or ‘Door/ premise closed’ a reconfirmation call is sent to the buyer to verify their status. This helps us have a transparent report to the processes. Accordingly, the order is either put for ‘re-attempt to deliver’, or ‘returned to pick up location’.

Free Insurance Coverage

A total of Insurance of the products/ goods is covered by Shipyaari during the shipping/ delivery of goods.

Express Cash on Delivery!

In these current situations, it is important to have a reasonable amount of working capital to grab timely business opportunities. Generally, it takes 8–13 days to process the COD remittance, however, with the latest Shipyaari’s feature, COD remittance will be provided the very next day of the delivery!

Stay tuned to know more about our services on blog.shipyaari.com.

Our Message

Let’s keep up the sense of resilience and responsibility among each other. Keep our undying passion to help others and also grow ourselves towards the new era! If you are interested to get the best of our services or know more about us, email us at [email protected] we will be glad to hear from you!

Sources https://innovolo.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Covid-Infographic.pdf

Originally published at http://blog.shipyaari.com.

For more information, visit the website- Shipyaari.com





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